Charleston Product Liability Lawyer Protecting Consumers Against Defective Products

Consumers rely on hundreds of products to make their lives easier every single day. From cars to dishwashers to medical implants, we interact with numerous items without a second thought, trusting that they will perform their functions safely. However, it only takes one malfunctioning product to cause irreparable injury—and even the simplest household goods can result in the death of a family member.

A Charleston Defective Product Lawyer Can Help You Take Action for a Serious Injury

Many people do not realize that the purchase of a product gives them rights as a consumer. The ability to use a product without fear of bodily harm is a basic consumer right, and is legal ground for suing a company for breach of duty to its customers. When you file a claim, you can not only recover payment for your injuries and lost income, but also demand punitive damages and strict regulations to force companies to build safer products. Call us today to discuss the details of your case with a product liability lawyer.

We help victims who have been hurt by a wide range of defective products, including:

  • Household products. Toasters, dishwashers, toys, electronics, heating devices, cleaning products, and all other household items have one thing in common: they all must go through a rigorous design and manufacturing process before they hit the store shelves. Goods that have been poorly designed, badly assembled, or not fully tested can place consumers at risk of serious burns, choking, strangulation and other injuries.
  • Auto parts. There are many different components in an automobile, and each one needs to perform perfectly to avoid causing injury. Defective airbags, tires, seat belts, and other auto parts may be inexpertly designed or manufactured cheaply by companies who are trying to cut costs, placing consumers at risk. Some failures, including weak door hinges and roof structures, make it more likely a passenger will be seriously injured or killed in a crash. We can hold vehicle manufacturers liable for failure to provide a crashworthy vehicle.
  • Medical devices. No products are uniquely suited to cause injury more than those that are implanted inside our bodies. Knee implants, hip implants, heart valves, pacemakers, infusion pumps, breast implants, and IUDs can improve a patient’s life, but can also have devastating consequences when they fail. Some companies will sink to unethical levels to protect their profits, either by denying the device’s flaws, releasing an item despite clinical trial warnings, and destroying evidence of failure and risks to the patient.

Don’t Wait to Have An Attorney Investigate Your Charleston Product Liability Case!

If you were injured by a defective product, you should speak to an attorney right away about your legal rights. Evidence in these cases is quickly lost, making the case harder and harder to prove as the weeks go on. Call our offices today or fill out our quick contact form to get answers to your questions in your free consultation.