What are common types of product defects?

- Automotive Defects: This can include an airbag failing to deploy as required, a tire blowout, seatbelt failing to work properly, or any other part of a car not working right.

- Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical Drugs: This can include medical devices such as hip replacements that have failed, vaginal mesh, or any other implant that has failed to work properly and resulted in injury or harm. This can also include side effects of drugs.

- Household Goods: Children toys, home appliances, grills, household chemicals and products

- Food and Agricultural Products: This can include any type of food, beverage, or livestock that is produced and consumed by consumers. Under certain circumstances, if you can prove that some type of sanitary restrictions or laws were broken, you may be able to prove negligence and establish a product liability claim.

- Machinery: Many types of power tools and heavy machinery carry known risk in their intended use. However, manufactures are still required to give adequate warnings of any foreseeable risk in using the product, along with any foreseeable misuse of the product that may result injury to the user.

- Recreational: This can include any type of defect in playground equipment, recreational games, or amusement park rides that are defective and result in injury to its users.