You Can Still Receive An Income If You Are Hurt At Work

If you have been injured at work and are forced to miss time from your job for an extended period of time, South Carolina’s workers’ compensation benefits can help provide you with a means of income until you are able to return.

If You Are Unable To Work

In general, if you miss more than seven days from work you are entitled to receive temporary total disability (TTD) benefits after that time period. If you are still out of work after fourteen days, you are also entitled to recover wages for the first week you missed. Your TTD amount will be based on your original income and calculated to be two-thirds your average weekly wage. Since these benefits are tax free, it normally comes close to what most injured workers were earning from their employer through their normal job. Keep in mind you are only able to miss work if a doctor has provided an opinion that you cannot perform your job until further treatment is received.

If You Are Able to Work But Limited on Hours or Pay

If you are able to continue working but are restricted in the number of hours you might be able to work, or provided a modified duty position that pays less than your normal wages based on your doctor’s work restrictions, you may be entitled to temporary partial disability (TPD) benefits.  TPD is generally available for the difference in your pre-injury wages and your restricted work wages until you reach maximum medical improvement and can return to your prior position.

How An Attorney Can Help You With Your Workers’ Compensation Benefits

You don’t always need an attorney simply because you are hurt on the job. If you have a minor injury that only requires minimal treatment, maybe you won’t even miss time from work, you may not necessarily need an attorney to help with your workers' compensation claim. However, if you have a significant injury that requires extensive medical treatment and missed time from work, you would be doing yourself a service to at least consult with an attorney about your rights. Certainly if your claim has been denied you will need an experienced workers' compensation attorney on your side.

Most workers’ compensation attorneys offer free consultations to discuss your claim. The Law Office of Jared C. Williams, LLC is happy to meet with anyone for a free consultation about his or her work injury. If you simply have a quick question, feel free to contact us through our website’s contact form or simply give us a call and we will see if we can help.