Safety While Biking Charleston's Roadways

Biking is a favorite activity for many people in Charleston, South Carolina. Now that spring has arrived and the weather is nice, many Charlestonians will be seen taking advantage of the numerous biking trails and paths around the tri-county area. Some of Charleston’s most popular biking trails include:

The Arthur Ravenel Bridge: Probably the most popular bicycle path in Charleston is the famous Ravenel Bridge that extends over the Cooper River and connects downtown Charleston to Mount Pleasant. There is plenty of parking provided downtown at the Charleston Visitor’s Center or on the Mount Pleasant side of the bridge at Memorial Waterfront Park and Patriots Point. Bicyclists can continue their ride out to Sullivan’s Island by following the bike path down Coleman Boulevard and down to Ben Sawyer Boulevard.

The West Ashley Greenway (news article): Located in West Ashley, the Greenway is a 8.25 mile paved bike trail that stretches from Windermere Shopping Center on Folly Road and extends out to John’s Island. Most of the trail follows Highway 17 through West Ashley and offers some beautiful scenery of the Lowcountry along the way.

The Daniel Island Trail: The Daniel Island Trail is a bike path located throughout the entire Daniel Island community. There are long stretches along the Cooper River and you can also admire the Family Circle Cup on the way. Although much of the path is not paved, there are extensive stretches that run along Seven Farms Drive and other major roadways on Daniel Island.

Fort Lamar and James Island: Begin at Fort Lamar on Folly Beach and head back towards Folly Road. Take a left on Old Military Road and follow that up to Folly Road. Turn left down towards the Folly Beach. If you desire, you can also take a six-mile out-and-back side trip by turning right at Sol Legare Road. The route borders the marsh for its entirety, passing through a historic Gullah community before opening up onto a vista. Once you are back out on Folly Road, continue to Center Street to Folly Beach. Turn left on Ashley Avenue and ride four miles to gaze across the inlet at Morris Island.

Wadmalaw: Approximately twenty minutes from downtown Charleston, the island of Wadmalaw provides one of the most beautiful sceneries Charleston has to offer. Liberia Road (Highway 68) allows bicyclists to ride a 9.8 mile loop, or continue down Bears Bluff Road another 4.3 miles to White Point Landing and the confluence of the Wadmalaw and Edisto Rivers.

We want to remind and encourage all bikers and motorists to share the roadway and be mindful of each other at all times. One simple mistake between a bicycle and an automobile can have disastrous and lifelong consequences. There is less room for error and forgiveness when accidents arise between a motor vehicle and a bicyclist. These accidents often result in serious injuries to the bicyclist since they are in such a vulnerable and exposed position.

South Carolina has implemented several bike laws in an effort to keep our roadways safe. For example, these laws address where bicyclist are supposed to ride when bike lanes are not present, what happens when vehicles block bike lanes, proper procedures for passing bicyclists, the appropriate distance requirements between bicycles and vehicles, harassment of bicyclist, required lamp and reflector for bicyclists, proper hand signals for turning, and required brakes and other equipments all bicycles must be equipped with. The law even goes so far as to implement various civil fines for both motorists and bicyclists depending on the violation.

If an accident occurs between a motor vehicle and a bicyclist, these laws can often times provide a blueprint for determining which party is liable in causing the accident. If you have been involved in a bicycle accident you should speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer who has the resources and knowledge to fully investigate your accident and determine liability.

If you choose to bike any of Charleston’s roadways or bike trails, we urge you to use extreme caution in operating your bicycle. You should never assume that a driver sees you or is willing to yield to your right of way. In the event that you are injured while riding a bicycle around Charleston, please contact the Law Office of Jared C. Williams, LLC, so that we can investigate your accident and determine the at-fault party of your accident.





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